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The Pacific Artists Collective is excited to announce the winner of our first Call for Proposals! A panel of three judges looked over the proposals and after weeks of deliberation, Joseph Vranas was picked as our winner!

Vranas' "Marsyas” is a fully-staged miniature ballet in one act which depicts the mythological story of Marsyas, a boastful satyr who discovered and mastered the aulos, a double-bodied, double reed instrument. Athena curses the aulos after she was teased by the other goddesses about the way her cheeks puffed out when she played it. Marsyas, now unknowingly afflicted by Athena's curse, claims he could play the instrument better than even Apollo, who confronts and challenges our protagonist to a musical battle judged by the Muses.

This program will also feature:

“Dove il Diavolo ha la Coda” or “The Devil’s Due: His Own Petit Concert(o) Gross(o).” The composer considers this work to be coda to L’Histoire du Soldat, starting the with l’Histoire’s final percussion solo. “Put simply, it is a party from hell.” - Robert Pound

“Fanfare for Birmingham.” “A live free improvisation by Herbie Hancock, opening Cantaloupe Island, hugely inspired the work. The principal theme is in fact a quote from his improvisation and this drives my composition.” - Charolette Bray

“Forces at Play" “evokes an ethereal lightness and suspension yet remains grounded in counterpoint and counter-movement, ending with a crescendo of visceral excitement ” - Barbara Harbach

“Dumbarton Oaks.” One of Stravinsky's most popular pieces of chamber music. The work, which Stravinsky called “a little concerto in the style of the Brandenburg Concertos” was written to be premiered at the house know as Dumbarton Oaks. The work was commissioned by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Woods Bliss who owned Dumbarton Oaks at the time.

Join PAC at the world premiere of Vranas' "Marsyas" this coming Spring! Stay up to date on all PAC announcements by following our Facebook page and visiting our website at!


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