Call for Proposals

Due June 25th


The Pacific Artists Collective would like to commission a new miniature ballet in collaboration with the UO Dance Department. Applicants will need to present a portfolio of representative compositions as well as a story like synopsis for a chamber ballet. This work will be performed by the Pacific Artists Collective under the direction of Joseph Vranas in the Spring of 2019. This program will be professionally filmed as well as live streamed. All submissions will be considered. Winner will be chosen by a panel of three judges.


  1. Must be written for chamber orchestra no larger than twenty members (not including dancers).

  2. Must be no more than fifteen minutes in duration.

  3. Must take into consideration the effort of the dancers - avoid frequent meter changes.


  1. Portfolio of representative compositions that reflect the style intended for the ballet. Please include a score as well as a recording if possible.

  2. A synopsis for the story. Does not need to be fully fledged; you should be able to discuss the plot points as well as why you are interested in telling that story.

  3. Instrumentation. Again does not need to be exact, but a general idea of what the ensemble will look like (e.g. string orchestra with vocal soloist).



Please send all required documents to