About the Ensemble

The Idea of creating the Pacific Artists Collective first came to me when talking to my colleagues in the Liberation woodwind quintet about playing L'Histoire du Soldat. We though of it as an unachievable goal, with the number of musicians involved and the complexity of the piece, the idea was daunting. With some advice and instruction from my studio teacher, Dr. Steve Vacchi, I realized with time and dedication organizing a professional level production was fully within my capabilities. The first step in this process was to find a team of passionate and dedicated musicians to help me run this organization. After talking to two of the most driven people I know, Andrea Kannard  and Darlene Mueller, I had my administrative team. The next step was to find musicians willing to put in the time needed to make professional level music, which turned out to be the easiest part. The musicians at the University of Oregon were more then excited to play chamber music that is rarely played at this University given the size and scope of the repertoire. With this impressive group of professionals we are well on our way to providing the Eugene community with beautiful music.

 In creating the Pacific Artists Collective I hoped to offer the arts community of Eugene opportunities to perform in professional level productions of standard and contemporary repertoire. This ensemble is proud to be 100% student run and operated, though we do collaborate with UO faculty, the Pacific Artists Collective strives to provide opportunities to students of any discipline to bring their art to the public. 

Bronson York - Founder/Artistic Director